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The beginning...

WarrantyTrack is the brain-child of M.I.Z. Khalid (aka Infiyaz Khalid or itsols). It was initiated by a long-standing desire to come up with a classic application that would allow businesses to carry out the demanding task of stock issuing and warranty-tracking. But the special thing is that Khalid's objective was an application that would run independent of a platform. And after carefully weighing the various options, Khalid decided that the LAMP stack is the way to go.

Then came the tedious part of analysing detailed system requirements. And one day, a wholesale PC component vendor came up with the need for such a system. This sparked the development cycle and WarrantyTrack was born.

About the project initiator (Khalid/itsols)

He's got a record of over 16 years in the education field, specially teaching the Edexcel and Cambridge Examinations. As a developer, Khalid has been developing both client-server and stand-alone software mostly for DOS and Windows since 1994. Of course he's been writing code since 1985 but that was mostly for fun. It was actually after 2006 that he got into active PHP development. Since the release of Ubuntu 5.x, Khalid has been in transition from Windows to Linux/Ubuntu as the OS of choice. Today he spends most of the time on Ubuntu systems (both servers and desktops) and has put behind him the days of Windows for development.

After a miraculous up-turn Khalid started drawing attention from both individuals and businesses in USA, Belgium, UK, Israel, Japan and France, for software development contracts. That was when he setup Marha Online.

In terms of exposure to languages, Khalid finds his roots in flavours of BASIC, C/C++, Pascal, dBase, ForxPro and Cobol. After drawing more attention towards web platforms, he's been spending more time on PHP, MySQL, C and other related technologies.

Ownership of the WarrantyTrack software...

Although Khalid initiated the whole project, he has now put WarrantyTrack in the labs of Marha Online, the official entity that holds the rights of intellectual ownership. It is now taken forward under the guidance of its founder together with the team at Marha Online. Check out the roadmap to see where we're heading with WarrantyTrack. It is the same project that is provided under both GPL and commercial licenses by Marha Online (Pvt) Ltd.

Terms of warranty and our commitment

First, bear in mind that software is never perfect. We humans build them. And man is prone to make errors. Please refer to the GNU Public License version 3 for full details of the license.

Having said that, we're also a dedcated team. We strive towards perfecting and expanding the features of the software we build. And in the event our clients get into hot waters, we try our best to put things right as fast as possible.

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